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20 May 2022

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SignTraker provides secure access for Listing Services Providers through the SignTraker platform

SignTraker Introduces Secure Listing Support Technology

SignTraker provides a secure method for Listing Services Companies to interact with clients through the SignTraker System. No more sharing account logins, passwords, and similar protected data.

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07 Oct 2021

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SignTraker Introduces Enhanced API Technology

SignTraker Technologies introduces newly enhanced Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate high-volume order processing for nationwide real estate companies using the SignTraker National Account Portal.

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05 May 2021

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Users can try new things out on a non-production version of their SignTraker site.

SignTraker Introduces Licensee Staging Sites

SignTraker Technologies introduces Staging Sites, a means for SignTraker Owners to develop new products, services, and ads off-line before posting to their production SignTraker sites.

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18 Mar 2021

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SignTraker Licensees: SignTraker Release 8.4 is Here

New Stuff!  More Consolidated Billing Upgrades, Custom Content, Email Upgrades,  and Various Requested Enhancements and Tweaks NEW Feature! Recall that Consolidated Billing is the method by which you can bill specific customers you choose one time per month, using a credit card that they provide, automatically through SignTraker.  It’s intent is to serve as a third alternative to 100%… Continue reading SignTraker Licensees: SignTraker Release 8.4 is Here

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