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01 Feb 2023

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Over 35 NEW Features in SignTraker Version 8.9!

SignTraker Version 8.9 is Here! OVER 35 NEW FEATURES SignTraker’s First 2023 Release! Brings SignTraker Owners Even MORE Information, Flexibility, and Opportunities to Help Their Customers and Earn More with Their Businesses Get more information on what you’re selling, how much, to how many, and more– including Monthly Moving Averages with SignTraker’s NEW DataTraker® Dashboard.… Continue reading Over 35 NEW Features in SignTraker Version 8.9!

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25 Jul 2022

Sign Installation Experts

The results are in: Real estate sign installers are paying more-- and Agents are paying less.

The SignTraker Sign Installer Fuel Survey Results Are In!

The results of SignTraker’s survey of it’s real estate sign installation companies are in. Installers are paying more– and agents are paying less.

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20 May 2022

Sign Installation Experts

SignTraker provides secure access for Listing Services Providers through the SignTraker platform

SignTraker Introduces Secure Listing Support Technology

SignTraker provides a secure method for Listing Services Companies to interact with clients through the SignTraker System. No more sharing account logins, passwords, and similar protected data.

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07 Oct 2021

Sign Installation Experts

SignTraker Introduces Enhanced API Technology

SignTraker Technologies introduces newly enhanced Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate high-volume order processing for nationwide real estate companies using the SignTraker National Account Portal.

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05 May 2021

Sign Installation Experts

Users can try new things out on a non-production version of their SignTraker site.

SignTraker Introduces Licensee Staging Sites

SignTraker Technologies introduces Staging Sites, a means for SignTraker Owners to develop new products, services, and ads off-line before posting to their production SignTraker sites.

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