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20 May 2022

SignTraker Introduces Secure Listing Support Technology

SignTraker provides secure access for Listing Services Providers through the SignTraker platform

SignTraker Introduces Secure Listing Services Support

 Listing Support Providers Get Secure Access     

As the listing support industry grows, it has become imperative to provide a means for support persons to be able to access client inventory, requests, and billing data cross many client office and brand accounts– short of actually possessing the client’s actual login and password.

Now, Listing Support Providers who are servicing clients using SignTraker can securely request access through SignTraker. The client can approve (or decline) access via their SignTraker account.  Approved providers can order installations and removals, review inventory and billing details, even order related third-party services such as photography or open house services. 

The Client may, if desired, easily rescind access. The Client does not have to change their own User ID or Password, since these were never provided or disclosed. 

No-Cost System Technology Upgrade 

The new Listing Services Support functionality has been made available to all SignTraker Licensees as part of SignTraker’s ordinary upgrade schedule.


For additional information on SignTraker’s Listing Services Support that provides access to SignTraker’s network of professional sign installers throughout the United States and Canada, or for information on how your listing service or sign installation company can participate in the SignTraker network, contact Douglas Deist, Vice President, Marketing and Technology, at 443-938-9178 Ext 2.   

SignTraker Technologies LLC is a privately held sign installation service software provider located in Gaithersburg, MD.  The company supplies cloud-based mobile software, consulting, and durable products to companies and real estate firms interested in providing a superior ordering and sign marketing experience for their stakeholders. For additional information, contact

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