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05 May 2021

SignTraker Introduces Licensee Staging Sites

Staging Site Example
Users can try new things out on a non-production version of their SignTraker site.

SignTraker Technologies Introduces Staging Sites

Develop Products, Services, and Advertising Drafts

SignTraker Announces Availability of Staging Sites  

SignTraker Technologies has introduced Staging Sites®, available to all SignTraker Pro® and SignTraker Enterprise® customers. Staging Sites are essentially “sandbox” versions of their production SignTraker sites, where new products, services, custom order forms, ads, and announcements can be developed before exposing them to their customer base at large.

“What we have found is that as our Licensee’s customer bases increase in size, and as they explore the various capabilities available in SignTraker, that enabling them to experiment with different things before formally releasing the changes really helps them out,” stated stated Douglas Deist, Vice President of Marketing and Technology at SignTraker.  “What you don’t want is the customer seeing different things before they are ready. It leads to confusion and questioning phone calls to the office– which is obviously inefficient and undesirable. The Staging Sites allow the Admins to ‘get it right’ before the customers see the final product.”

Staging Sites Ease Training

Because the Staging Sites are private, SignTraker Owners can also use them to train new employees– without risk that they might upset actual customer orders or other information. 

Mr. Deist states, “Owners can now set up their own custom orientation activities, and show key admin and installer staff  members how things work with real examples– but not affect real production information. Doing this relieves a lot of stress for the new staff, and eliminates all worries on the part of Owners. As these companies grow, this becomes more of a concern, and we are glad to be able to address this need.”

Staging Sites Facilitate 3rd Party Sales Opportunities

Because all customizations can be tried out risk-free on a non-production version of their sites, it makes it easier for Owners to develop new products and services, especially ones offered by third party partners. 

Vladimir Cvetkov, Director of Operations at Listing Pro (Denver, CO),  states: “We are constantly expanding our service footprint. Many of the services we offer, such as sign printing, Open House packages, and others, are provided by our company directly through our SignTraker. However, we recognize that there are other premier service providers in our market, including our sister company, Axium Inspections, that we would like to promote and resell.”

“We’re now able to develop custom ads, services, and other promotional aspects within our SignTraker and show them to our partners and prospects. We can tweak them as we need to, then introduce them when we have everything right. It results in a very professional launch, much to the satisfaction of our partners.”

SignTraker Technologies LLC is a privately held sign installation service software provider located in Gaithersburg, MD.  The company supplies cloud-based mobile software, consulting, and durable products to companies and real estate firms interested in providing a superior ordering and sign marketing experience for their clients. For additional information, contact

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