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07 May 2022

SignTraker Introduces Flexible Fuel Surcharge

SignTraker Flexible Fuel Surcharge
Owners facing 100% increase in fuel costs.

SignTraker Technologies Introduces Flexible Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge Assists SignTraker Owners in Addressing Rising Operational Costs


Crushing Price Increases in Fuel Necessitates Surcharge Options    

The current economic environment has seen many things increase in price, and in particular, the cost of fuel, which has increased a stunning 100% over the last year. SignTraker® has heard our owners and responded.  

“For most sign installation companies, fuel has historically represented the second largest variable expense in their operations, after personnel. Many sign service operations are struggling to increase pay to their workers, who are facing the same hard pinch of inflation,” observed Douglas Deist, Vice President, Marketing and Technology. “Of course, an across-the-board increase could be implemented, but unfairly distributes the cost burden. The surcharge must accommodate the variable expenses incurred with in-town and out-of-town orders.

The most recent release of SignTraker (version 8.5.1) includes a variety of enhancements, including an Owner-configurable Fuel Surcharge designed to help Owners increase revenue, while doing so in the most customer-friendly way possible. A flexible fuel surcharge that can easily adjusted up or down, while maintaining existing pricing and discount structures elsewhere throughout their SignTraker, was what was needed.

“While no one likes price increases, we’re seeing an unavoidable situation develop where we must pass through part of our increased expense base,” stated Vladimir Cvetkov, Director of Operations at ListingPro by Axium. “We’ve asked for a means to add a modest upcharge on our installation and service orders, while also honoring pre-existing contract clauses we have in place with our major accounts. SignTraker has delivered, and it works great.”

Installer Compensation Calculation Included  

The new surcharge implementation also includes the ability to pass-through all or part of the fuel surcharge to drivers, if the employees are subcontractors, or if they are using their own vehicles for their routes.  

Owners may set compensation independent of the method of the amount collected, and independent of any other compensation arrangements established with their employees. 

No-Cost System Technology Upgrade 

The new Fuel Surcharge functionality has been made available to all SignTraker Licensees as a component of SignTraker Release v8.5.1, part of SignTraker’s ordinary upgrade schedule.


For additional information on SignTraker’s National Account Service Program that provides access to SignTraker’s network of professional sign installers throughout the United States and Canada, or for information on how your sign installation company can participate in the SignTraker network, contact Douglas Deist, Vice President, Marketing and Technology, at 443-938-9178 Ext 2.   

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