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22 Apr 2021

SignTraker Sales Up 44%

SignTraker Sales Up 44%

SignTraker Technologies Sees 44% Growth in March

Grows Customer Base

Sales Up 44%, Installation Services Up Dramatically  

SignTraker Technologies reported sign post installations across all markets increased 44% over the same period last year, marking the largest year-over-year (“YOY”) growth step since the Coronavirus pandemic began. This growth is contrast to the generally flat sales curve in residential real estate that most markets are experiencing.

“What we are seeing is that our SignTraker Licensees are growing in spite of the general lack of positive sales unit momentum in the residential space,” stated Douglas Deist, Vice President of Marketing and Technology at SignTraker.  “It is well known that real estate prices are soaring primarily due to a lack of inventory– people are staying in place, renovating, and not putting their houses on the market. This would suggest that our Licensees’ sales would follow suit and be flat as well. However, that is not what is happening. This is a clear indication that our Licensees are growing by gaining market share from competitors in their respective markets.”

Account Wins Broaden SignTraker Customer Base

The company reports that several important account wins are also fueling growth.

Mr. Deist states, “We have been successful in bringing on some premier, high volume sign service companies that have outgrown their legacy [in-house] systems.  The ease-of-use of the SignTraker application, as well as the superior configurability and suitability of the application to handle very large order volumes, makes it easier for these companies to dramatically upgrade their service infrastructure at a very low relative cost.  Major accounts such as Tracwel Inc. (Wrentham MA), Strongman Real Estate Services (San Jose, CA), Presidential Sign Posts (Portland, OR), and Sign Service Butler (Ontario, Canada) are examples of well-established accounts that are now performing hundreds and hundreds of installations per month with SignTraker.”  

SignTraker Licensees Offering Innovative Services 

Another factor likely to be adding “growth fuel” to the fire is SignTraker’s support of configurable, custom service offerings. SignTraker Licensees can easily offer services to their real estate brokerage customers that actually help them facilitate sales.

Terry Back, President of Listing Services of Central Florida,  states: “We recognized an opportunity last year that was brought on by the Coronavirus scare: disinfection and sanitization of homes following showings and open houses. We immediately were able market our ability to provide FDA-approved ActivePure® Air Purification Systems (see related: CNBC review). We install and service these systems, which are able to continuously purify the air and surfaces of their listing clients’ homes.  We were able to remove a major sales impediment that our agents were experiencing, a tremendous value-added service, while adding a brand-new service and revenue stream to our company.” 

Q2 and Q3 Forecasts Positive

The company reports a record number of companies are considering the SignTraker application for adoption.

“Usually, the winter holiday months are our busiest months for bringing on new owners, since this is when they are the least busy and can make the time. However, we have not seen a slow down going into this spring.  We are fortunate to find that most prospects find SignTraker very appealing. Even if we forecast very conservatively, we see that we and our Licensees will have excellent summer and fall months ahead,” added Mr. Deist. 

SignTraker Technologies LLC is a privately held sign installation service software provider located in Gaithersburg, MD.  The company supplies cloud-based mobile software, consulting, and durable products to companies and real estate firms interested in providing a superior ordering and sign marketing experience for their clients. For additional information, contact

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