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06 Jan 2020

What Do “Renamed Agents” in My QuickBooks Desktop Export Mean?

Q: I just ran our monthly billing and came up with 10 renamed agents. You touched on this briefly during training, but since it didn’t come up subsequently, I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do with these?

 A: Hi Mandy! The Renamed Agents file tells you what names need to be updated in your QuickBooks Desktop file before importing your new SignTraker data.

You know that SignTraker takes the customer names in your SignTraker and tries to match them to names in your QuickBooks Desktop.

 Generally, this works great—EXCEPT when you or your customers change something about their name or the profile such as their email, address, etc. If this happens, for example if “Jane Doe” changes her name to “Jane Doe-Smith”, then SignTraker will not find the “new” account in your QuickBooks Desktop and subsequently create a new one in your QuickBooks, which you might not want to happen. You probably want the activity under the new name to go to the pre-existing “Jane Doe” account that is living in your QuickBooks already.

So, this is where the Renamed Agents file come in. It gives you a run-down of who has changed anything in their account, so you can manually rename the old QuickBooks accounts to match the NEW account names given in the Renamed Agents file.

With the QuickBooks Online accounts manually renamed, when you export everything matches up as you would like and expect.

There is some additional discussion on this that you might find helpful, you can find it on the SignTraker Blog here:

◊ Pro Tip: The Renamed Agents file is not applicable to users of QuickBooks Online. This is because SignTraker is able to record (internally) the so-called Database ID of the “Jane Doe” account, so if it changes on the SignTraker side, SignTraker already “knows” the old name in QuickBooks Online and can update it automatically. There is not a similar functionality available in the Desktop version of QuickBooks.

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