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20 Mar 2023

SignTraker Q&A: “I have an real estate sign installation business…”

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Are Pricing and Renewals Challenging to Manage for Your Business?

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From Jim, a real estate sign installation company owner:

“I own a sign installation company as well as another service company. I am considering modifying my service company website to include the post installs and post product sales. I have an admin side to my website with the ability to sort orders by postal code and to add any costs by postal code (like distance charge or shipping charge), depending on delivery point or install point, then its automatically added to the order. The site also tracks the dates for the services which can also be used for tracking the removal of the post.  I am thinking about combining the post installation and services on the main website, but if I find that I cannot easily combine all my business into my main website, then I am searching for canned software just for post installations and post product sales. That is why I was inquiring in case I need a separate site with installation order and order management capabilities, so I have a few questions.”

Jim, great questions!  I’ve taken them out of your email, and listed them individually below:

Q:  How do you handle renewals in your site?
♦  This can configured as a global default (initial rental periods, plus renewal periods), with individual settings per customer.
♦  You can also configure renewals based on post type, for example, if the post is owned by a customer renewals can be disabled.

Q:  Can photos of the product the client is getting be shown on the site?
♦  Yes, product photos can be included.
♦  Also, up to 3 photos of the installation, up to 3 photos on the removal, as well as photos for many other types of situations that you stipulate.

Q:  I assume i can enter my own pricing, but is there a discount capability?
♦  Yes, you can configure highly granular pricing, including up to 4 default price profiles.
♦  You can also create specific pricing for individual cases, if desired.

Can one of my installer have his own separate log in so he can review his orders for the day?
♦  Yes, all persons in your system will have their own logins such that they can see their own work, as well as enable you to keep track of who is doing what.
♦  If you pay your installers on a commission/per activity fee basis, you can also elect to allow the installers to track their accumulated earnings.

Q:  Are there notifications sent to the clients when they place their order showing the order is done with a photo?
♦ Yes, there are extensive notification methods in SignTraker.
♦ You can also configure the notifications to say what you want, for example, to cross-promote products.

Q:  Do the clients have their own account on this software where they can see and manage all their orders?
♦  Yes, each client can have their own account.
♦  SignTraker also supports hierarchical visibility of account information and management, for example, a Manager can look into their Agent’s activities.

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