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04 May 2020

Can we edit or replace installation photos after an order has been installed?

Q: Can I upload pictures to an installation order after the order has been completed? Is this possible? This came up because an installer forgot to take a picture but I wanted to complete the order same-day in the system. -Tyler


A: Tyler, yes, you can. This issue does comes up from time to time, particularly if an installer has to work “off line” for whatever reason and can’t upload photographs at the time the order is completed. In any case, this is easy to do:

• View the Order Details • Select the Edit button in the Photos section From here, you can:

• Add photos (if none were taken, or not enough photos were taken) • Replace photos (if the wrong ones were uploaded)

Note that only you (the Owner) and your Administrators have the necessary security permissions to edit photo content. Installers are not enabled to add or delete what they have uploaded.

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