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11 Apr 2020

An agent left an office. Can I just rename the account to give the listings to someone else?

Q: Hey Guys, we have an agent with the “Jones” office named Jocelyn. She is no longer with the office but has several listings under her account. Another agent with Jones, David, wants to take over her account. Is it OK if I just change the name, email and username and cell phone number FROM Jocelyn TO David? Thanks, Lewis

A: Hi Lewis, you can do this IF Jocelyn does not own any inventory. If she does, inventory ownership will change to the new name as well. For example, any “Jocelyn” panels will now be owned by David. This might not be want you want.


I would be better to simply the use “Change Agent” feature to move the installations from Jocelyn to David. This is because when doing so, SignTraker will ALSO check the inventory on each of the installations automatically. SignTraker will warn you if any of the installations have panels or riders that belong to Jocelyn. If so, you can make the necessary changes and bill the customer in case any trips to the listings are needed to make the swaps.


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