Q&A About SignTraker 

Can  I set my own pricing?

Yes.  You can have up to 4 profiles plus custom prices... read more

Do I have to install SignTraker software?

No.  SignTraker is a fully hosted, cloud based web application.... read more

Does the SignTraker app install any snoopware?

No.  SignTraker does not access any of your Agent's data... read more

Does SignTraker use multi-page ordering?

No.   Ordering happens on a single screen, no abandoned orders!... read more

Does SignTraker run on an iPhone (iPad, Mac, etc.)?

Yes... read more

Do you really have live support (our vendor never calls us back)?

Yes, it's unlimited and it's free!  ... read more

Is there a limit to the number of offices or agents I can have?

No.  You can also have multiple city and major account portals... read more

Would it be hard for my customers to learn SignTraker?

No.  The single-page ordering screen is easy to use... read more

Is SignTraker customizable?

Yes.  There are many areas of customization in SignTraker ... read more

Can I migrate my existing offices and customers to SignTraker?

Yes.  Also import payer details, default signposts, pricing,... read more

What about all my current installations (can I just switch over)?

Yes.  You can also import prior installations (history) too! ... read more

Does your system have different access permissions (for my team)?

Yes.  You can control access to who does what... read more

More questions?

Call us, 9-5PM EST:  443-938-9178, Option 2

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SignTraker is the leading software platform for real estate enterprises who want to better manage their primary marketing image-- their new listing "For Sale" signage.


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