Q&A About SignTraker 

Can  I set my own pricing?

Yes.  You can have up to 4 profiles plus custom prices... read more

Do I have to install SignTraker software?

No.  SignTraker is a fully hosted, cloud based web application.... read more

Does the SignTraker app install any snoopware?

No.  SignTraker does not access any of your Agent's data... read more

Does SignTraker use multi-page ordering?

No.   Ordering happens on a single screen, no abandoned orders!... read more

Does SignTraker run on an iPhone (iPad, Mac, etc.)?

Yes... read more

Do you really have live support (our vendor never calls us back)?

Yes, it's unlimited and it's free!  ... read more

Is there a limit to the number of offices or agents I can have?

No.  You can also have multiple city and major account portals... read more

Would it be hard for my customers to learn SignTraker?

No.  The single-page ordering screen is easy to use... read more

Is SignTraker customizable?

Yes.  There are many areas of customization in SignTraker ... read more

Can I migrate my existing offices and customers to SignTraker?

Yes.  Also import payer details, default signposts, pricing,... read more

What about all my current installations (can I just switch over)?

Yes.  You can also import prior installations (history) too! ... read more

Does your system have different access permissions (for my team)?

Yes.  You can control access to who does what... read more

More questions?

Call us, 9-5PM EST:  443-938-9178, Option 2

Can I set my own pricing?

Yes. SignTraker supports four different Discount Pricing Profiles, so you can quickly assign your customers pricing consistent with their business with you. Each profile can include pricing for installations, adding panels or riders, extended rental periods, replacement materials (like damaged posts and riders), and any one of over 50 standard services or add-ons. Apart from the basic profiles, you can also set custom pricing for installations, extended rentals fees, and extended rental fees.

Do I have to install SignTraker software?

No. SignTraker is a fully hosted, cloud based web application. It can be operated on any device using a modern web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Safari, etc.). All supporting infrastructure is automatically configured and provided for you. This includes chat support, Google mapping, bulk email broadcast support, credit card processing, nightly backups, etc. SignTraker is a high reliability, high availability application hosted on high performance Amazon Web Services ("AWS") servers.

Does your app install any snoopware on my (or my Agent's) phones?

No.  As you have undoubtedly experienced many times with apps, requests "to access your contacts", or "access your photos", or any other detail about your device are completely unsettling. The SignTraker web app does not access any of your (or your customer's) data or require any special access permissions of any kind. It doesn't snoop, it doesn't "harvest" data, and it doesn't sell your data. The SignTraker app is for your customers to conveniently order signs, related services, and manage their account details. You will earn a higher level of trust between you and your customers.

Does SignTraker use multi-page ordering (customers don't like it/ abandon orders)?

No. We have built SignTraker so that the entire ordering process happens on a single screen-- which makes SignTraker very easy to learn and use, and particularly easy to use on mobile devices.  We find that the multi-page/multi-screen approach of "Next", "Next", "Back", "Next", etc. was not very easy to use, was prone to encouraging user error, and often caused users to abandon the order in the middle of the "process". With SignTraker, it's "Click", "Click", "Click", and "Done!" all on one screen.  

Does SignTraker run on an iPhone (iPad, Mac, etc.)?

Yes. Because of SignTraker's design, it can run on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Note that SignTraker built-in driver routing is optimized to use Google Maps®, so make sure your Installers have the Google Chrome® browser installed on their iPhones.

Do you really have live support (our vendor never calls us back)?

Yes. Generally speaking, you'll have the most contact with our support while you are ramping up to launch your SignTraker. We support you directly, one-on-one, to make sure you have a successful launch. This includes helping you get the most out of SignTraker (configuration-wise), marketing training and resources, and operating advice if you need or want it. After that, it's pretty easy to use and self-learn. There is lots of in-app help you can use, plus additional resources on our blog, and tutorial videos on YouTube, alerts on Twitter, plus news and content on Facebook. For special features that you might not have experience with, you can call us and we help you for free. If we happen to be on the line with another person, we generally get back to you within the hour. In any case, we really do have live persons that answer the phone! 

Is there a limit to the number of offices or agents I can have?

No. You can grow to as many offices and users as you want with SignTraker. You can also add as many SignTraker Major Account custom portals as you like as well, one for each of your major or regional accounts (Coldwell, Compass, ReMax, etc.) and give each a custom branded ordering experience-- with all orders managed in your primary SignTraker installation. Do you operate in multiple cities? You can have multiple portals as well, one for each city, managed in your primary SignTraker. Call us to discuss your situation.  

Would it be hard for my customers to learn SignTraker?

No. The most frequent compliment we get is from owners that say how happy their customers are with their new SignTraker account! SignTraker is easy to get used to: orders are placed on one page with no "multi-step" or multi-screen ordering. Each user can view service history, activity of their subordinates (if applicable), billing history, panel and rider inventory, mapping of installations, installation photos, and more. 

Is SignTraker customizable?

Yes. While SignTraker comes pre-configured with all common settings ready for you, there are many, many areas of customization available in SignTraker, from the look and feel of SignTraker portal, the messages and prompts you choose to present to your customer, to the types and styles of the posts you offer, your service schedules, pricing schedules, holiday and shutdowns you observe, your order cut-off times, lead times for installations, services, and removals, your pay scales (if you pay on a commission or task basis), and all the ancillary and related services you might chose to offer and promote in your SignTraker system. You can even customize the roles and permissions you grant to your team in your SignTraker.

When adding custom services or products, you can treat them as "featured" services to promote them with your own ads on your Agent's ordering pages. You can customize the prompts your Installers get when performing or providing the Service. You can even define which services are eligible for mileage surcharges, up to four different price points for the service, and which services might be provided by another company you are partnered with-- for example, home stagers, photographers, and the like.

Advanced users can even create their own customized Ordering Page, and include new buttons to direct your customers other services or products you offer on other web sites. If you would like additional information on all the things you can do with SignTraker, many of these topics are discussed our SignTraker blog, or call us at 443-938-9178, Option 2.

Does your system have different access permissions (not everything accessible by everyone)?

Yes. SignTraker has specific roles for your team (Owner, Admin, Installer, and Subcontractor), and different roles for your customers (Enterprise Manager, Office Manager, and Agent).  While everybody has defaults, as the Owner, you can fine tune this and select which parts and functions you want to assign to person, if desired. For example, you can give inventory access to one person, and order administration to another. This way, as your organization grows, you can assign responsibility (and accountability) for different functional parts of your company. 

Can I migrate my existing offices and customers to SignTraker?

Yes. Organize your offices and agents (including teams) in a spreadsheet, and we can bulk upload all of it into your SignTraker. At a minimum, upload your agent's name, email address, and cell phone number. Additional (optional) information you can also upload includes their alternate office address (if different than their main office), the price tier you have selected for them, payment method, payer (if not the agent themselves), team organizations, custom pricing if different from the base price tier, variables related to their preferred post type, extended rental terms, etc. 

What about all my current installations? Can those be migrated also?

Yes!  This is necessary so that your users can also order Removals on "Day 1" of your SignTraker launch. Organize existing listings in a spreadsheet, sorted by agent, using either the listing address or GPS coordinates, and these can be bulk uploaded as well.  Additional (optional) information you can also upload includes the installation date, default sign panel (if known), rental expiration date, etc.


Want to upload old installations too? Absolutely! Not only will their current activity from your prior system be available, but all of their historial installations as well. Your customers will lose nothing, and gain a whole new level of service, functionality, and benefits from you!

More questions? Contact us.

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