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Avoid Charge Backs, Name your Company!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

If you charge your customers upon ordering (i.e., "prepayment"), it is now possible to stipulate the company name you would like to show on your customer's credit card statements. This can greatly clarify things for your customers and help you avoid a charge back (fee reversal).

To accomplish this, update the "Payment Descriptor" variable, shown in the Billing section of your Operational Settings. It can be up to 10 characters, and should reflect the operating name that your customer know you by, for example, "MaximSigns".

The value you enter replaces the default SignTraker description.

Find at: Operational Settings --> Billing --> Credit Cards

● Summary: Updating this variable to a more familiar description can help minimize customer confusion over charges, and reduce telephone inquiries regarding charges on their credit card account.

◊ Pro Tip: If your company's legal identify is different than your "doing business as" (your so-called "DBA"), you might consider trying to include references to both names. For example, if you are Joe Worker dba SuperSigns, an entry that includes your name and abbreviated company (such as "JoeSprSign") may improve your client's ability to recall what the transaction was about.

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